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Long Repetitions

/ Photos by Ludmila Belykh. More images here. /

s i m i l a r: Titsey Place Parkland / Some Thoughts on Red Colour in the Garden / Purple summer in the Netherlands

Cottage Garden

/ Photos by Chris B. /

s i m i l a r: Coton Manor Gardens / Joke Kuiperij and Karel Huyts’ Garden / Country Style Flower Beds

The Secret Garden

/ Photos by Carrie WishWishWish. /

s i m i l a r: Peto Garden / Alnwick Castle & Garden / Airlie Gardens

Iceland Landscapes

/ Photos by Flickr user JaZ99wro. /

s i m i l a r: Howth / Finnmark landscape by Viggo Johansen / Purple summer in the Netherlands

Black and White Landscapes by Stefan Krauss

/ Via A Funky Space Reincarnation. /

s i m i l a r: "Presence in Between" / Escape by ilil iram / Floyd E. Patterson Building

Budapest Landscapes

/ Photos by Balint Szpisjak. More images here. /

s i m i l a r: The Green Curtain by Salva López / A vintage green by Emma Williams / New York: Community gardens

Private Garden by Tatjana Sergejenko

/ More photos here. /

s i m i l a r: Green Garden / Private Garden and Its Surroundings by Elen Dudnichenko / "Crystal Garden"

Just Beautiful Flowers

/ Via Beautiful flowers. /

s i m i l a r: Botanical Watercolours by British Artist Marie Burke / Flowers / Fine Art Photographs from Nature, Flowers by Béatrice Lechtanski
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